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birthstoneyour birthstone?

Each month is associated with a dedicated birthstone gem considered to bring luck, healing or mystical properties to the recipient.

April's birth gemstone is:


DIAMOND (Modern list)



Essentially classified as birthstones associated with each month, these may be precious stones (diamonds, rubies), or semi-precious (lapis lazuli, moonstone). Whatever the case they are considered lucky for their particular months and for those who believe in such things their healing powers are heightened during their months.

The variations in birthstone lists that can be accessed today originate from various sources including the list below:

  • Modern – adopted in the early 1900’s and accepted by the American National Association of Jewelers;
  • Traditional - based upon societal traditions dating as far back as the 15th Century (these may vary between jewelers but the gemstone colors themselves are closely matched); 
  • Mystical - of Tibetan origin from over a thousand years ago perhaps associated with a rise in the popularity of astrology at this time?;
  • Ayurvedic – linked to the natural healing practice of ancient India (Ayurveda) dating back thousands of years and combining the healing properties of gemstones with their mystical powers.

The Image below gives an example of one such list showing modern (top) and traditional (below) for each pair of stones in each month. Note that as highlighted earlier, the mystical, Ayurvedic and Zodiac lists will not differ too much from what is shown, particularly in terms of colors. Note also that some of the semi-precious stones, tourmaline as a prime example, can come in various colors. At Tiny Gemstones the majority of the gemstones for the purpose of birthstones are provided in the form of Swarovski crystals